Fly into the San Francisco bay from anywhere in the world. Anywhere and if it’s home, there is no mistaking you’re home and nowhere else in the world. It is a jewel on the Earth. The only one of its kind in the world. The serene Pacific, the almost always present bank of fog rolling across the mountains of the San Francisco Peninsula and the ever present hues of green and blue- and interspersed among it all, the homes of the lucky seven million souls who live here. You’ve perhaps seen the iconic┬áVictorian homes and the million dollar flats of downtown but there are secluded mountain retreats and boat houses in inlets and estuaries.

Welcome To Palo Alto SF Bay Real Estate

There are the out of the way towns like Half Moon Bay or the academic centers like Stanford’s Palo Alto real estate. Everywhere in the bay area there are choices, and albeit higher than many markets, a wide range of price options as well.